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    Build an elevated, opening Beach House with a balcony, fish tank, hammock, water scooter, and much more! 3-in-1 model: Rebuild it into a Beachside Shop or a Boatside Harbor. Includes male and female vacationer minifigures, plus a buildable sea turtle and seagull. LEGO Creator building toys are compatible with all LEGO construction sets for creative...

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    This is the classic dolphin (not to be confused with a porpoise), build one or and entire pod of this graceful ocean going mammal (100 pieces, Level 2). The Smaller the Brick the Better the Build; all sets come with detailed step by step. Instructions, for ages 12+. Make amazing 3D art. Colored using soy ink. Manufactured from high quality ABS plastic.

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    Join the battle against the Empire with skilled warrior Baze Malbus. Featuring red chest and shoulder armor, plus a heavy cannon with spring-loaded shooter, spare ammo and back-mounted ‘power’ canister, this sturdy and durable LEGO® Star Warsfigure is great for recreating action-packed scenes from the blockbuster movie, Star Wars: Rogue One....

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    This cheeky forest monkey demands attention! Pose his arms, legs and tail into all sorts of positions and adjust his eyes, eyebrows and opening mouth to change his expression. 272 Pieces. Monkey, Toucan, and Squirrel. Features an opening mouth, adjustable eyebrows, turning eyes, poseable arms, legs and a curling tail. Toucan features a beak, moveable...

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    This wild duck id found throughout the world, recognizable by it glossy green head; follow t his Mom and duckling into the water. 110+ Micro-sized building blocks. Included: assembly instructions. Limited Availability. Finished size: 2.8 x 2.2 x 1.6 inches. 8 years Up.. Colored using soy ink. Manufactured from high quality ABS plastic..

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    GoldieBlox: Construction toy + storybook set featuring the world's first girl engineer character, Goldie Blox! In this kit, Goldie builds a spinning machine to help her dog, Nacho, chase his tail. Soon all her friends want in on the action. Help Goldie build a belt drive machine to spin everybody at once! Introduces the real-life STEM concept of a belt...

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    Now you can nan-size your very own Baron Tri-Plane. With these micro-sized building blocks, 3D models take shape right beneath your fingertips! You will be amazed as the Tri-Plane is assembled to the tiniest detail. With over 590 assorted pieces, create a detailed replica of this world famous, Tri-Plane that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand....

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Showing 1 - 12 of 51 items