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Travel Hotspots and Cheapest Time to Fly This Summer


While Spring Break has yet to wrap for some states, many U.S. travelers are already planning their summer vacations. According to Expedia® data, searches for summer getaways have steadily increased over the last month, with many top destinations seeing double-digit increases week-over-week in March. Destinations seeing a recent spike in interest for June to August travel include Singapore (+60%), Houston (+55%), Bali(+35%) and Washington, D.C. (+35%), indicating travelers are researching getaways both near and far. 

Summer hotspots 
These are some of the trending destinations travelers are eyeing for summer getaways, based on recent spikes in flight searches1

  • Beach bliss: Bali (+35%), Maldives (+25%), Santorini (+20%), Los Angeles (+20%), Bar Harbor (+20%)
  • U.S. city breaks: Chicago (+40%), Houston (+55%), Washington, D.C. (+35%), Austin (+30%), New York City (+30%)
  • Adventures abroad: Singapore (+60%), Stockholm (+35%), Ontario (+35%), Berlin (+30%), Dubai (+20%)

National and state parks and other outdoor destinations are expected to remain popular this summer as top road-trip destinations, including Mount Rushmore, Banff and Yellowstone National Park. 

Best times to travel this summer

  • August is the cheapest month to fly, with average ticket prices (ATPs) nearly 10% lower compared to July and 5% cheaper than June.
  • The most expensive day to fly is July 1st, the Friday prior to the July 4th holiday, when average ticket prices are 25% higher than average for summer months.
  • Between June and August, the highest ATPs are generally found on Fridays and the cheapest tend to occur on Tuesdays.

Where to fly under $350 roundtrip
These are a few of the cities where average ticket prices are below $350 for the summer months:

  1. Fort Lauderdale
  2. Toronto 
  3. Tampa
  4. San Antonio
  5. Houston
  6. Austin
  7. Providence
  8. Myrtle Beach
  9. Kelowna
  10. Nashville 
  11. New Orleans
  12. Charleston
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